Frequently Asked Questions:

New to Bikram Yoga? Read on...

Welcome! You're going to work hard, sweat a lot, strain a little, laugh a little, and do more for your health, mind, and body than you ever imagined.

The series is designed to be safe for any beginner to try. You are never too sick, too old, too weak, too fat… to anything to benefit from this yoga class. So what are you waiting for?


Why the heat?

The class is practiced in a heated room only a few degrees warmer than the body temperature. The warm air opens up your muscles, allows you to work deeper and safer, and stimulates your heart rate for a better cardiovascular workout. Sweating flushes toxins from your body and improves your skin tone.

 Will I lose weight?

This yoga helps you find the weight and shape your body was meant to have. You will lose inches, develop muscle tone, and feel healthy, confident, and beautiful!

How many calories does one yoga class burn?

Health professionals’ have estimated between 400-1400 calories are burned per class.


How long will it take before I see results?

It does not take long to see the results of yoga. Depending on the frequency of classes, results occur in as little as 2 weeks (recommended at least 3 classes per week).

I'm not flexible, can I do this?

YES!!! No one walks in the door in perfect shape, and you won't get flexible by reading a book on yoga. Start your practice today!

What should I expect for my first class?

Usually the first couple classes are the most challenging because toxins in the body are rapidly released and your body hasn’t acclimated to the heat. You will soon discover the heat is a powerful tool to help open and detoxify the body unlike anything else. Come with no expectations, just a light heart, open mind, and a well-hydrated body. Most students feel amazingly detoxified and relaxed after their first class. 


It's my first time. What should I do?

Come to any class, and please arrive 20 minutes before to start. Wear light clothing you are prepared to sweat in, a perhaps a change of clothes for after. Your class will be much easier if you are well hydrated, well rested, and your belly is empty.

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What should I bring?

You will need a yoga mat, a towel, and water. We have these available to rent or purchase, or you may bring your own.


 I live here. How much does it cost?

A single class is $20, but on your first visit we will offer you an introductory package of 7 days of unlimited yoga for $30. This a one time offer only! 


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I'm visiting. How much does it cost?

A single class is $20, but we hope you'll be enjoying Maui for a while longer, so why not try one week of unlimited yoga for $50 (it's worth it if you can practice with us for at least 3 times). We also offer a Traveler's Special for $70 which includes one week of unlimited yoga plus a rental mat, towel, and water on each visit. These offers are valid even if you are not a beginner, and even if you have practiced here before. 


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I have more questions…

Grab one of us and ask. We love the yoga and we are eager to help. You can also contact us via email.


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