As you've all heard and experienced firsthand in class, yoga's stretches and twists all help increase your blood circulation, massaging your organs and fostering great detoxifying benefits. Not only physical, the benefits of a consistent yoga practice can help bring our minds into balance as we bounce between hectic work days and weekend activities.

The more you practice in a condensed amount of time, the more benefits you receive and you experience the results QUICKER! 2 to 3 times a week will maintain the status quo. 4 or more times a week will help you make the change. If you are coming 4 times or more per week to practice we applaud you! Ideally, a daily practice is the most effective and actually most efficient!

Your body and life work so much easier once you get into the groove.

However, a little yoga is better than none at all so get it when you can!!!

"If you don't have time for yoga, 

change your schedule, it will change your life!"

hot yoga in maui

Yoga as unique as you are!

We are each an expression of the life force within. Yoga guides us into a relationship with this life force. Through the breath, the physical body, a concentrated mind, and an open heart, we encounter a more authentic way of being ourselves. Practicing yoga makes you YOU!

With light and love,

Bikram Yoga Lahaina