Private Yoga Instruction

Teacher available for private lessons!

Sign up for a Private session to learn more about alignment, breath,

and appropriate adjustments to strengthen and tune up your yoga practice!

If you are new to yoga, this is a great way to start!

Each Private is a unique experience based on the individuals questions, experience, and motivations. It is conducted in a free form setting with open dialogue,

questions, feedback, and suggestions in order to create a relaxed

and comfortable atmosphere. 

Private sessions will be held at our studio.

Our atmosphere is always warm, friendly, relaxing and peaceful. We are happy and proud to give personal attention and make every lesson a unique experience

– both rewarding & healthy.


Who can benefit from private yoga sessions?
Everyone can benefit from Bikram Yoga. If you have any of these concerns, you are a perfect candidate for private yoga classes. 

  • If you are new to the practice and worried that you may hurt yourself
  • If you are intimidated by the poses 
  • If you cannot find the time to attend a scheduled class
  • If you are easily distracted or feel competitive in a group class
  • If you have hit a plateau in your practice and are ready to take it to the next level
  • If you are recovering from an illness or injury
  • One-on-one attention will eliminate these blocks to a successful practice, and will make the difference between an uncomfortable practice and a blissful one.

Getting Ready for your session:

Once you get used to practicing,  you will love it! If you do not have your own mat, we will provide you with a mat for the session. Wear clothes that you can move in. Practice on an empty stomach or eat a very light meal before class. Bring water and a towel.

What to expect from a private session:

  • Your session will begin with a warm up. The initial pace is slow in order to warm your body, so that it is open and able to express the postures with ease. The postures will reach all of the intricate muscles of the body. 
  • After the warm-up, the practice gets right into the powerful postures that are held a bit longer to push your edge, gain strength and transform your body. When practiced with proper alignment, all the postures are completely safe for your body and its joints. 
  • The last third of the class is spent on the floor. This portion is designed to go deeply into postures, slow the breath and turn the focus inward. The final pose, Savasana or resting pose, is where the good karma of all the hard work is felt, this is known as yoga bliss!

Treat yourself, tune it up, or begin now!

Classes scheduled by appointment and available daily.

To schedule a private class, please email us at 

Classes and Information:

Private class: 

1 hour session-$45

Package Deal: 

3 pack- for only $100 (you save $35)

Three classes are recommended to transition your body 

into the practice and feel the full effects of the yoga.


Private 90 minute yoga class: $60


Special Events, Group Rates, and Gift Certificates are also available.



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