Lucy L:

It was just like most people say - the first time might not be so good but it gets better! I came to two more classes that week and they went A LOT better. I got stronger at balancing, and I was doing the poses better! If your first time sucks, just try again, I swear it will be a lot easier. It was a great workout, and exercised a lot of muscles that I don't normally use. After I took class, I always felt ten times better throughout the rest of the day. I didn't know it was possible to feel both energized and relaxed at the same time, but that's how I felt for the rest of the afternoon. I agree with the reviews that the teachers are inspiring and supportive. Their encouragement is what helped me come back again and again during my vacation. Thanks for believing in me. Mahalo Bikram Yoga Lahaina! Quick tip, if you come on the weekend, prepare for a PACKED class and get there early to get a spot. Excellent experience!


Wendy B:

Such a great experience! I think this studio is great! I heard the buzz around Maui about this amazing new yoga sanctuary! In contrast to some of the reviews I read online, I decided to attend class anyways and was pleasantly surprised. There was no stinky carpet and they had a cool and easy vibe!

Bikram Yoga Lahaina has new owners and in 2 years, the studio has moved to a better location and facility. The studio is newly constructed, contemporary, beautiful and clean. This place is breath-taking! You have to see it for yourself!

They have a lot of classes and look no further for the highest quality of instruction and service! The teachers are very friendly and helpful. I love the intimacy of this studio. If you're new, the teachers love learning your name and give you the warmest aloha! It's a family-like community. After class, you feel completely detoxified, relaxed, and happy!

Bikram Yoga Lahaina has the best prices and deals to offer on Maui for unlimited class passes. I purchased a series of classes and plan to attend class as often as I can. Although there are no showers, I prefer this place over the Kahului studio. If you've never tried Bikram, this is a great place to start your practice. Two thumbs up :)

Dennis W:

I'm new to going to yoga classes and thought I'd give Bikram a try. Bikram yoga lahaina is my second yoga experience (The first time I tried yoga was at my gym). I like this - it's tough. I was in awe at some postures people could do. This studio is very clean and spacious. Wall to wall mirrors, really very nice. The instructors are positive, encouraging, and supportive. They don't pressure you (thanks for your patience!) and tell you to listen to your body and stop if you're not feeling well. My goal for the first class was to just do the best that I can for the whole 90 minutes. My fellow first timers, here's some advice: 1. Drink plenty of water before coming here. 2. Listen to the instructor, they're there to help you. 3. The first half is full of standing poses, and the second is on the floor! So just get through the first half and then it gets easier. 4. Drink plenty of water after. 5. Try it more than once... I signed up for a month unlimited, see you there!

Sandra W:

Great instructors, nice and clean. Love this studio! I have done Bikram Yoga in other studios and this is my favorite one so far. The instructor was very helpful with giving extra tips and calling students by name. I highly recommend the travelers special of $70 for 1 week of unlimited classes. The package includes all of your rentals and your water every class, I just had to bring myself! I couldn't believe I went every day while I was on vacation! Life is definitely better when you go to Bikram regularly!


** I really like this studio.  It's hot yoga, so be prepared to sweat. Beautifully clean and lots of fun. Between the heat and the great teachers, the practice opens you up! I'm a yoga teacher elsewhere, and I try to make time to attend one class a week. 

** If you think that Yoga is all about meditation, you need to come to Bikram Yoga. If you think yoga is too hard,  you need to come to Bikram. Do yourself a favor and try it at LEAST 3 times before you cross it off your bucket list. They have an Intro pass for Maui residents. Travelers, try the weekly package. Beginner yogis, this is an experience you can tell your friends about. Never did it before, what do you have to lose?

** I found both Jayson and Jessicas classes to be powerful and challenging. Excellent instruction and attentive to the needs of the yogis there. They genuinely care about you and will help you along in your practice. Bigger classes since they've opened up their new location. Each class, I saw that there were a lot of new students and faces. I have been to and have taught for many other studios, Bikram Yoga Lahaina is amazing and the atmosphere is always consistent. Smiles, laughs and tears are welcome!

Eve J:

Everything about this place is top-notch! The new location is great and there is plenty of parking. The studio is bright and clean, and the people are friendly. The instructors take extra time to help you out. They are so nice, welcoming, and ever-encouraging. All the instructors I've had were great, but Jessica is amazing! She is so positive and so engaged with what is going on in the room. She keeps an eye on everyone, and keeps the mood light. The studio currently has 3 classes a day, The classes here are spread during the best times of the day and weekend- great for my busy schedule. Sometimes I find myself counting down, canceling plans and arriving early for class. Once I'm there, I'm in total peace. 

Bikram Yoga itself is so awesome and life-changing. I love it. I never thought I would say this, but the heat feels so good! Add this yoga to your life. This is the first yoga that has calmed my mind and body while making me sweat and feel strong. Three months ago I could not touch my toes without bending my knees. I am actually becoming more flexible. If you're in doubt, try a drop-in class and see how amazing you feel. You'll become as addicted as I am. The studio offers some great deals for new students and visitors and their website is really informative, so check that out. Wonderful place to practice and grow.

Pamela C:

This is THE place to take yoga on Maui. I've practiced Bikram all over the world, and this is as nice as it gets. Registration was smooth and easy. Awesome customer service. The studio itself is gorgeous, clean, and soothing. Great heat and great vibe all around. The teacher, Jessica, was patient and gave great instruction. She is so nice and all of her sessions are amazing. The new teachers are also good- although, you can tell the difference between them and the more seasoned instructors. The community here has such a positive vibe.  If you're looking to give yourself more "mat time", then here's the spot to do it! Thank you Lahaina for inspiring me again. 

Tara K:

Went to the Bikram class Saturday morning with my mom. We had never tried Bikram yoga before. The class was definitely challenging! It was definitely a new experience doing yoga in these conditions. The instructor was great - making sure that we didn't make our bodies move in ways they didn't want to move. He kept telling us to listen to our bodies and move at our own pace. Overall, fun mother/daughter yoga time! I would definitely return.



Anthony D:

I went to this studio and I have to say I was very impressed. The yoga room was very clean and the staff is friendly which is great for newcomers! I just moved here and they offer a great Kamaaina first time deal, a 7 day yoga pass, which was enough to make me want to go back for more. I've been to other Bikram studios in other places and I felt that this one was more personal and had a nice community feel. The people here are very down to earth. I really appreciate that they have a 6:30 AM class on T/TH so I can go before work. The teachers are really good and give helpful corrections. Looking forward to more classes... 

Alexis M:

I workout regularly and have sampled all the fitness fads (Zumba/Bootcamps/Crossfit), but I lose interest quickly. This is the challenge I have been looking for. After every class, I am exhausted and energized! I am so hooked! The instructors at Bikram Yoga Lahaina are the best I have ever encountered. I have gone to Jason and Jessica's classes and they are both very friendly, welcoming, and encouraging! Bikram Yoga has really excited me to learn more about what I am capable of accomplishing. For you diehard gym rats, you can alleviate any pain or stiffness from excessive lifting, running, etc. You will feel more powerful than ever before!  I highly recommend their studio for anyone who wants to begin to practice Bikram. Never once here did I feel like an uncoordinated blob. It's so calming and non-judgmental. Thank you for being there and such an awesome studio!