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 Aloha and greetings to you from the staff at Bikram Yoga Lahaina.  As our tradition, we take the time to share with you news of the studio, including special announcements, congratulations, thank you's and updates to our schedule or goings-on around town.  For us, this is a moment to reflect, to reorganize and to remind ourselves how blessed we are to have such a strong and beautiful Bikram Yoga community. 


Mahalo to all of our students!

You give us the gift each day of being in your passionate and dedicated presence. We're honored that you choose to create your yoga practice with us at Bikram Yoga Lahaina. 


Every day of the year we are here changing lives, helping bodies, and opening minds. Yoga is important to us and so is connecting with people. This is what we came here to do.


We are proud to hold a positive place for people to grow, to connect, and to become inspired by each other. We are a place where you can do something positive for yourself, and a place where you feel good about what you did.


Thank you for making our vision a reality, where movement and breath move in harmony towards higher consciousness. We believe this place lives within us all. The purpose of our studio is to take you there.

Jason & Jessica


Celebrate everything



Congratulations also to our 30-day challengers, past and present.  You epitomize dedication, character, strength, and passion.  And extra kudos to those beginners who take on the challenge from day one!  What a leap of faith.  What an achievement!  We have decided to allow students to begin their personal 30-day challenges whenever they feel ready.  So begin to think about your practice, when you started, and where you are today.  Are you ready to take the next step?  30 classes in 30 days.  A journey for the body, mind and soul.  Already completed a 30-day challenge?  How about 60 classes in 60 days?  How much are you willing to try?


Big THANK YOU and MAHALO to our amazing visiting teachers

this past month, as they continue on their journeys of traveling and teaching the yoga worldwide. Best wishes to ALL of our wonderful teachers, you have helped bring a new dimension to our students' practice, with your dedication, compassion and insight. 



Other Announcements:

Clean Your Mat:

De-funkify your mat by using our spray bottle of tea-tree cleaning solution at the studio. Make sure to spray right after each class. Hang your mat to dry and you're ready to practice with a fresh mat the next day!





Where do my hands go in Locust Pose?

When do I exhale in the sit up?

Will I ever be able to get my palms together 

in Half-Moon Pose?


There are no dumb YOGA questions. Ask our teachers!

We're here to help you improve!

Private lessons available!



What has Bikram Yoga done for you? Athletes, Runners, Walkers, Beginners,

Couch Potatoes, Mommies, Daddies...

 we want to hear from you! Submit and receive 10% off your next retail purchase!





We hope your experiences are memorable here at Bikram Yoga Lahaina. More and more exciting things are happening at BYL! We are committed to your health and believe a consistent practice can help change your life in many ways.

'Til next time... Happy summer! Stay hot with us! Stay cool by drinking lots of water!

With love, BYL


"Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi


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